Two Advantage And Disadvantages Of Being A Registered Nurse

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Register to read the introduction… Registered nurses have median annual earnings at general medical and surgical hospitals starting at $49,190 and for nursing care facilities at about $43,850. Pay raises are more frequent in this field than most others. A nurse’s schedule varies, they may work a mourning shift one week and a night shift the next. However, the pay is somewhat more significant for working the third shift. Some emergency room staff works 24-hour shifts twice a week, while others work three 12-hour shifts weekly. Registered nurses working at a clinic work a five-day, 40-hour week usually. This is probably the most attractive area for most RNs because it is the least demanding and has the most popular hours for the average individual. So there are many variations and work schedules in the life of a RN. However the choice is usually optional when you choose this occupation. Some registered nurses start their careers as licensed practical nurses or nursing aides, and then go back to school to perceive their RN degree. By doing this there is less strain with family and time schedules. They usually start as staff nurses in hospitals and with experience and good performance often will move to other settings. RNs choose to become advanced practice nurses, who work independently or in collaboration with physicians. Professional nurses serve as general-duty nurses in hospitals, who work with doctors to speed a patient’s recovery. They may work in an operating room, where they work in a surgical …show more content…
There are few other occupations that offer this kind of flexibility and growth. True, it may not be the easiest or the most glorious job for recognition. But the rewards are great and many. An accomplished RN can be proud to know that they have helped many people in more ways than they could know. Many times it is the registered nurses and not the physicians that the patients look to for comfort and consolation. They can take this experience home and apply it to their family and have an environment of mental and physical security. This gives a beneficial advantage for the family. Even though there are many other occupations where one can dress stylist and dine at fine restaurants and climb the corporate ladder, there could not be a more honorable and satisfying career that a person could give to their community and their

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