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I. Remember when you were younger and you would tie a sheet around your neck and jump off the couch like a superhero like Batman, Wonder Woman, or Spider Man? Well, I want to be a hero, but not a hero with a cape with a secret identity behind them. I want to be a hero with a stethoscope around my neck and be by your side when you are injured. These people are called Registered Nurses or RNs and I want to become an RN so I can be there through your rough times right up until you are out of the hospital.
II. Today I will provide a description of an RN, types of roles an RN does, the education, the salary, the employment outlook, and the history. Body
I. First I will start with a job description on Registered Nurses and their roles in the medical field.
A. People may ask, what does an RN do in their occupation?
B. A registered nurse, or also known as an RN, is a type of nurse that works with a large variety of patients. The RN’s aren’t usually
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After graduating from High School with knowledge from those classes, you move on to Post Secondary training. Which there are 3 basic types of training programs to choose from to become a Registered Nurse; an Associate 's Degree, a Diploma, and a Bachelor 's Degree. Although, these types of training depend on which level of health care you wanna pursue in. A Bachelor 's Degree in nursing is needed for supervision and administrative positions, which there are a variety of these programs which can take up to 5 years to complete. A Master 's Degree is necessary to be in nursing specialty or tech. The Associates Degree is awarded after a 2 year program that is usually offered in a Junior or Community College. If you don’t get licensed after training, you can only be a graduate nurse. You must pass a licensing examination required in all states to become an RN. This allows the RN to be certified in one particular area like E.R, O.R, Premature Nursery, or Psychiatric Nurse. (Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational

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