Registered Nurses And Doctors Essay

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Registered Nurses and Doctors in Medical Field A medical facility needs to have nurses and doctors. They are very important to our health care system. The principal differences between registered nurses and doctors are: education, duties performed and intimacy with patients. One important difference is their education. One of my friends is a registered nurse, who had to attend two years of nursing school, graduate with associate’s degree and then pass a state licensing exam. Unlike a doctor, she doesn 't need residency. After she got her license, she began working at ICU Unit in the hospital. One time, we had a little conversation, I asked her “why you don 't go to medical school, to be a doctor ?” She laughed and said …show more content…
After completing all requirements to be a doctor of medicine, they still need take an exam to practice medicine which require a license. It 's a lot for studying and takes a very long time to have a license. I can 't be doing that. Although, I just registered for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse program”. “Wow, that 's so great for you”, I said. “You can do it. Furthermore, you are caring and friendly. You will be a wonderful nurse.” Another difference between registered nurses and doctors are the duties performed. As a registered nurse, it is expected they remain prepared for working long hours. They may also have to work on weekends, holidays and even during night shift. Furthermore, registered nurses need to coordinate with physicians and other healthcare professionals, assisting in diagnosing the patient by analyzing their symptoms. In addition, they need maintenance reports of patient’s medical histories, monitoring changes in condition and also changing the patient’s medication as indicated by their condition and response. Conversely, doctors may work long and unpredictable hours by their patients need of them. Also, doctors diagnose patient conditions using

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