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Twitter is often known as one of the quickest ways for organizations to microblog in less than 140 characters about ongoing events in the organization’s daily life. It’s a rapidly growing social media platform after Facebook that allows companies to have more than just a relationship with their customers, as well as it acts as another means of information (Dockterman, 2013). More and more companies are coming up with somewhat creative ways to utilize Twitter, for instance, by coming up with the most effective strategies for their online word of mouth marketing. Twitter is an interactive publishing medium, and companies must utilize it well to write strategically when it comes their online marketing (Thorson & Duffy, 2012).
Nonetheless, the purpose of this case study is to explore how Starbucks, one of the world 's largest beverage companies, utilizes Twitter to market itself as one of the leading coffee houses across the globe. The listening tools or technologies utilized by the company to monitor tweets and obtain feedback, as well as some of the strategies it uses while responding to customer’s tweets will be examined. Finally, an analysis how Starbucks, responds to feedback in their marketing initiatives, as well as some vital
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For instance, mentions can be in the form of hashtags and replies (York, 2010). When a follower replies to a tweet by the company, Twitter automatically uses the @ notation. With the help of a sort by date feature that comes with this social media listening tool, Starbucks can analyze the number of recent mentions in order to obtain competitive data. This tool allows the company to come up with the most effective strategies for how to make the keywords in each tweet count (Thorson & Duffy,

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