The Role Of Social Media In Journalism

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Twitter has become the largest source of news breaking media and the firsthand information for the journalists, in the conventional media. The rise of the social media such as twitter has raised fears among the journalists. As a professional practice of journalists is brought to disappear; means in recent years of dire predictions about the decline of the profession. As such, the role of the journalist is essential. His profession is changing profoundly, which does not mean it will disappear. It takes place in a new context that has become more complex. This paper examines the role of the twitter for the journalists to cover breaking news. The hypothesis will use for this paper is “Is there any relationship between the faster coverage of news …show more content…
All journalists met express the need to go to the source, to meet with scientists at the very least by phone at best face to face. In this quest for the direct relationship with the researcher, the press services (the "com '") are sometimes seen as brakes, filters disruptive (Bruns, & Highfield, 2012). However, journalists recognize that they have an important role to play in finding the relevant interlocutors (and new) when they need it. If they evoke quite-regular special relationship with this or that press officer, they often criticize the lack of knowledge on the part of the press services of the specifics of their profession in general or their particular medium. They often complain of being treated as an undifferentiated …show more content…
But how far do organizations need to go (and have -they means)? Illustrations, video, computer graphics, summary files, complete folders or complete citations interviews. Again, journalists are caught between the convenience that saves time and resistance to uniformity, the affirmation of their role in the collection and analysis of information. Journalists are generally "confident" vis-à-vis public research. It appears that many independent journalists working for both the news media but also for the institutional press. The crisis media companies also reinforces this practice raises the question of conflicts of interest. And some journalists are worried (Knight, 2012).

According to Nolan, during the talks, reporters questioned the level of participation of research organizations and their scientific public debate (Nolan, 2003, May).. Journalists are well aware of the diversity of views within research organizations and the difficulty it poses to organizations. Naturally, several journalists raised the issue of the evaluation of scientific research results on not only their openness to civil society, their contribution to the public debate, their outreach and

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