Effects Of The Invention Of Twitter

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The Invention of Twitter

The invention of twitter has drastically changed todays society. Twitter has drastically changed the social landscape of American society, bringing together celebrities and the middle class and opening new arenas for social discussion. Social Media in general has as well, but twitter itself has a big outlook on society. Twitter is only one of many social media sites that impact the nation but it is one of the most used and known. With twitter being more user friendly, people of all ages are able to use it. Twitter is forever changing the interface of social media.

The early 2000 's was
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There are many growing issues coming along with social media. With recent terrorist attacks, on other countries as well as our own, twitter has been commonly used to reach out to members of the website to potentially become members of the attack groups. The terrorist also reach out to people in the cities that they plan to attack in order to know someone to be able to get into the city unknown and unsuspected. Cyberbullying is one of the most common dangers of social media such as twitter. Cyberbullying is an issue that has been around for a while now and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better ("Introduction to What Is the Impact of Twitter?). Cyberbullying occurs when the bullies attacks the victims through social media instead of face to face. This form of bullying is more common then face to face bullying. The dangers such as these from social media are few reasons that some parents don’t allow their children to enroll in social media sites such as twitter. Along with the dangers of twitter come many positive long term effects of the site as well. Many social media sites are used to keep in touch with old friends or family members living in different states. This is a long term positive effect because no matter how long you have a twitter account you will always be able to keep in touch with loved ones that you cant see as often as others. Twitter can also be referred to one of the faster ways to communicate with a large amount of people. This will always be the case with twitter because the site was designed to be used in this way. Faster communication is a positive effect of twitter because it means that you don’t need to call someone to talk to them, you can much easily talk to a larger group through twitter. There are just as many negative long term effects of

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