Tuition Free Community College Essay

1102 Words Mar 1st, 2016 null Page
According to your ambitious proposal “tuition-free community college” you suggested early this year that you would make two years of community college free and nationwide available to students in the United States. In other words, you wanted to provide millions of Americans more affordable access to a community college education that you called a "ticket to the middle class.” I agree with you that free tuition college will improve individual’s life in many ways. I assume that when college education is free, there will be more educated people across the nation which can convey the entire American society to the next level. Besides, education can open the doors for several opportunities of having better jobs to many American people. In addition, the percentage of homeless and criminal people will be noticeably less due to the chance that tuition-free community college’s program will offer. Also, a number of student who can’t afford college tuitions and fees, because of low economic stage, can easily save some money during those years to help them cover the cost of their next educational years.
Now a days, we live in horrifically competitive world, and we need our best educated people to build up the future of the country. As Allan Bloom said, “Education is the movement from darkness to light” which shows how essential education is for people. However, I believe that tuition free community college’s program is not the right decision to make about people’s and country’s future…

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