Essay on Transitioning From Middle High School

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Transitioning from Middle School to High School

High school is a word most middle school students are afraid of but do not let that word become scary. Transitioning from middle school to high school, students can better their outcome by using good memory techniques, preventing procrastination, working on time management, and getting plenty of sleep. It would also be a good idea to learn how the teachers work so students know when to turn in their school work on time to get good grades. High School can be a very scary time. The transition into high school is a critical juncture for students in middle school. Middle schoolers are often more afraid of high school because they are leaving a smaller, more supportive school to transition into a larger unsupportive school, where the academic and social demands are higher. Therefore, it is crucial to identify what techniques work for students to make it through the transition (Winters, Leigha, October 2013). High school requires one to have so many credits to graduate. There are also many extra curricular classes available to gain some credits. When transferring into high school, school counselors will help the students to determine and schedule required classes students need to graduate. Keep in mind that the higher the number of credits a student attempts in the ninth grade, the lower the odds of not being promoted into the tenth grade will increase (Christie, 2015). Most high schools will hold a freshmen…

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