The Importance Of Being Judged By Others

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Noor Al-Maadeed
“Being judged by others” this personal piece that I shared, describes a past event happened during high school years. I learned how to overcome this negative experience to positive thing that helped shape my character turn into the confident woman I am today.

The process of revising this piece of writing is on of the hardest because it is difficult for me to express my feelings about a place that is filled with negativity. In addition, I want to catch the reader’s attention and make them engaged with the story.

Being Judged by Others

For many individuals, high school is the perfect way to discover who you are as a person and explore your personality. High school did not turn out that way for me. Nonetheless, my negative experiences
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When I joined the Academic Bridge Program I made a promise to myself that I will no longer let people affect me from embracing who I am as a person and it turned out to be that way.

Everything I was hoping for to experience during my high school years, I expericned it at the Academic Bridge Program. The community that I was surrounded with was nothing compared to high school students. They were mature, friendly and respectful. Me, and the Academic Bridge Program community we were united like a one family. I was mentally and emotionally happy that made me appericate my time during the Academic Bridge Program. Therefore, I was able to achive excussive grades in all my courses and confidant enough to participate in the debate club where I can share my opinion without any
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People will judge me no matter what I did, whether it is a good thing or bad thing. I find now that the best thing to do in this situation is to move on and stop letting the opinion of others destroy me. I live life for who I want to be. Since going through this unexpected high school experience, I realized not to waste my time and energy on negative people. At the end of the day, it is my life, and no other opinion should matter.

Noor Al-Maadeed, is a nineteen years old freshman at Texas A&M University and is in the process, of becoming an electrical engineer. She always wanted to become a successful engineer and inspire women to study engineering. Noor can not start her morning without a cup of coffee. Also, she truly believes that everything with hard work and dedication is possible to achieve. One of her dreams is to be able to travel around the

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