The Consequences Of Procrastination In College Students

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Students who procrastinate have bad academic performances, grades and a “whatever” attitude when it comes to doing their school work. This is a bad habit many students have. They can break this bad habit by changing their habits, staying more focused and staying organized. There are different types of procrastinations students perform. According to Lauren Rosetti (2011), author of Procrastination behaviors in college students, “Procrastination is defined as the act of postponing an activity or task until another point in time which can result in not having enough time to complete the work. Active procrastination is having a strong motivation to complete something under pressure, so the work is deliberately postponed but still completed by the …show more content…
You can change this by trying to make your task more fun, so you can complete it. Stay organized and focused. Buy a calendar and write in it to mark deadlines and how far along you should be in an assignment. Write a to do list with tasks you need to get done. Staying organized will help reduce stress. If you have nothing written down, you will just be lost and stressed because you do not know when anything is due and that will affect your grades in your classes. Think about the consequences of procrastinating. Do you want that extra hour of sleep? A good attitude for the day? A good grade? Think about what you truly want and tell yourself to get it done. A positive mindset will help in many situations. As Chris Bailey (2017), writer of 5 Research-Based Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination states, “It’s easier to keep going with a task after you’ve overcome the initial hump of starting it in the first place. That’s because the tasks that induce procrastination are rarely as bad as we think. Getting started on something forces a subconscious reappraisal of that work, where we might find that the actual task sets off fewer triggers than we originally

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