Tips On Picking Up Our Weapons Essay

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picking up our weapons. I’m surprised when she returns and politely helps us carry them to the tunnel, where Rhoda helps me replace mine in their holsters. Marching through the roughly-hewn tunnel takes most of the day. The strain of the trip is quickly forgotten, though, when we emerge out into an entirely new landscape. Green scrub covers the flat plain. Fern-like growths the size of palm trees wave back and forth in the pleasant breeze, as if saluting some unseen being. All around us are strange mounds of dirt rising up beside flat, well-trodden stretches of ground that must be streets. Upon closer inspection, I notice little wooden doors affixed to the entrances of the mounds. “They’re homes,” Anya whispers, pointing as inconspicuously as possible to a small hill. I follow her gesture and see a smaller reptilian climbing out from the tunnel that leads into the mound. Life erupts as we enter the village. All around us are children running in all directions. Packs of them trot around, playing with strange, makeshift weapons. Following closely behind Dahteste, we pass several open-air food shops where unknown, butchered creatures hang upside down from hooks. There are various places where a horrifying, muscle bound creatures larger than Dahteste sit as older, more wrinkled versions of themselves strange scarification procedures on their scaly flesh Halfway through the village, I begin to assume that the larger,…

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