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Time to Practice – Week Two

Complete Parts A, B, and C below.

Part A

1. Why is a z score a standard score? Why can standard scores be used to compare scores from different distributions? It is a scores relationship to the mean indicating whether it is above or below the mean. It does this by converting scores to z score. Yes – keep going – just a bit more is needed.2 out of 3 pts

2. For the following set of scores, fill in the cells. The mean is 74.13 and the standard deviation is 9.98.

|Raw score |Z score |
|68.0 |-.6142 |
|?58.16 yes! |–1.6 |
|82.0 |.789 |
|92.09 |1.8 |
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Compute descriptive statistics on the anxiety scores. From the output, identify the following:

a. Skewness b. Mean c. Standard deviation d. Kurtosis

I found the SPSS output. Now I need to you to type in the correct answers. 2 out of 3 pts.

From Green & Salkind (2011). Copyright © 2012 Pearson Education. All Rights Reserved. Adapted with permission.

Part C

Complete the questions below. Be specific and provide examples when relevant.

Cite any sources consistent with APA guidelines.

|Question |Answer |
|8. What is the relationship between reliability and validity? How |If data are valid they must be reliable if information is reliable that |
|can a test be reliable but not valid? Can a test be valid but not |does not mean that it is valid. Reliability is a necessary but not |
|reliable? Why or why not? Good start but the question isn’t |sufficient condition for validity. Having methods in place to ensure |
|completely answered. |validity there is trouble. It is two main reasons experimenter bias and |
|2 out of 3 pts. |demand characteristics. The researcher is human and this means the

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