Back To The Future Essay

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Back in Time
Are you looking for a movie that is from the eighties, fast paced, and hilarious? Back to the Future might just be the film for you! Written by Robert Zemeckis (the mastermind behind works like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Forrest Gump), Back to the Future was one of the most beloved films of the 1980’s. Featuring Michael J. Fox in his first lead in a film, and renown actor Christopher Lloyd, this movie is a must watch for fans of any genre. Back to the Future fits the picture for a quality film because of its well-paced plot, phenomenal acting, astonishing camera work, and award winning soundtrack.
The movie Back to the Future takes place in the year 1985 in the city of Hill Valley, California. At the beginning of the film,
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In Back to the Future, phenomenal acting was present in all actors/actresses regardless of small or large roles. The casting of an actor or actress that portrayed their characters with ease is something that was seen as a must for this film to work. Zemeckis, having taken Steven Spielberg’s suggestion, actually had to refilm Back to the Future because the original actor that portrayed Marty seemed like he was forcing himself to act like a character that he had no similarities to in real life. When they picked up Michael J. Fox, Zemeckis knew he was a perfect fit because of his personality, being able to skateboard, and being able to play the guitar. Zemeckis undoubtedly chose the best actors/actresses for the film.
Camera work and effects were essential to Back to the Future’s success. Zemeckis and the film crew certainly had their hands full when filming scenes with the DeLorean time machine. They did a great job of making the car look as though it was flying and traveling through time, even though they had to work with the visual effects and technology of the early eighties. Looking at the action scenes, the camera actually seemed to keep up fairly decent with the many intense action sequences. All in all, the visual effects added a genuinely nice touch to promote the feel of the

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