Essay on Three Shifts, Three Supervisors

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Week Two Case Studies
Case 7.1 Three Shifts, Three Supervisors (Northouse) 1. Based on the principles of path-goal theory, describe why Art and Bob appear to be less effective than Carol?

The path-goal theory focuses on motivating followers to achieve goals. It suggests that if followers believe there will be positive outcomes in their efforts, they will be highly motivated to do their work. Leaders, in this theory, use a style that compliments the follower’s needs in order to motivate them. Take the following situation as an example. I am newly hired as a sales manager and the morale in the department is extremely low. A few months ago the department’s profit in sales had been at the highest in decades. Multiple sales
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His followers need little guidance as far as what needs to be done at work, but they are craving more of a supporting role from the leader. Art’s leadership style leaves his followers bored at the job. This follows by low motivation and the attitude that “we are just going through the motions.”

Lastly, Bob expressed a supportive leadership style. Bob’s focus was for his employees to enjoy their work. He promoted this by numerous events such as sponsoring a softball team, social events and acknowledgements. Although employees may fulfill their human needs from Bob’s leadership style, they lack direction. Employees under Bob do not have direction on what they need to get done. They also do not show the seriousness of their jobs because there is great absenteeism and turnover within the group. Bob would need more task oriented behaviors, which Art showed, in order to increase the motivation from his followers.

3. If you were consulting with Brako about leadership, what changes and recommendations would you make regarding the supervision of Art, Bob, and Carol?

If I were consulting with Brako about leadership, I would first provide a Path-Goal Leadership Questionnaire to each supervisor. I would also evaluate the employees within the three different shifts to address the situations. Once I gather all the pertinent information from all parties (meaning from the leaders and followers), I would acknowledge the issues that exist in the

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