The Importance Of Transformational Leadership In Education

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Transformational Leadership
Transformational leadership is often considered as one of the primary leadership styles in education and has often been linked to the success of employees – their outcomes, well-fare, inspiration, and performance. Transformational leadership is one of the most dominant paradigms in the contemporary leadership literature and has been defined as the process through which leaders and followers help each other to advance to a higher level of morality and motivation (Ghadi, Fernando, & Caputi, 2013).
Transformational leaders are change agents that create and lead change within organizations and among individuals with the goal of creating leaders within everyone. Transformational leaders develop change by helping to
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Leaders in secondary education have different roles than those in post-secondary education. However, instructional leaders are a common and essential role in both areas and the skills for that position are vital to the success of faculty and students. Principals and presidents are expected to be the advocate and decision makers for the institutions they lead. They are expected to make evidence based decisions about the implementation of policies and procedures used to govern the organization. Department chairs are instructional leaders whose subject specific expertise are expected to be used to also make evidence based decisions on best practices and program interventions for the department as well as curriculum design and other classroom specific changes. Teachers and professors are leaders whose professional experiences and expertise are expected to be used to implement the best strategies in the classroom to best meet the needs of the students while still upholding the vision, mission and goals of the institution. Teachers are normally identified as the glue that holds it all together and therefore, they are expected to have the overall knowledge to help establish goals for themselves and the …show more content…
Leaders must represent the values that the followers should be learning and mirroring back to others. If the leader gives respect and encourages others to be better, those influenced will then go to others and repeat the positive behavior, passing on the leadership qualities for other followers to learn and one day teach (Harris, 2011). This will earn the leader more respect and appreciation from the followers, putting them at a higher level of encouragement and importance. The substance of genuine, skillful, and effective leadership is the promotion of consistent vision, mission, and a set of values to the members. Their vision is so captivating that they know what they want from every collaborative effort. Leaders should guide followers by providing them with a sense of meaning and challenge. They work willingly and confidently to foster the spirit of teamwork and

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