Leadership Style, Leadership And Authentic Leadership

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Nowadays, the world is chaos and competitive because of war and terrorism. Peace builders and great leaders are needed to maintain peace in the world and guide followers to the right direction. Leadership and peacebuilding is a great course which provides information about leadership style, leadership skill and peace builder. The course helps students understand the basic characteristics and personalities of each leadership style. Transformational, servant, adaptive and authentic is the four familiar leadership styles that are widely used by leaders. Transformational leadership is a process that changes and transform individual to become a great leader. It involves influence because it is an exceptional form that motivates followers to accomplish more than expectation. In the transformational leadership style, leader engages with followers and creates a connection that raises motivation and morality so follower can achieve the goal. It also …show more content…
It also views leaders as something that can be nurtured. Authentic leadership involves influence because it encourages followers to become their own leader. It also makes the leader understand their purpose, have self-discipline with strong value and act from their heart to guide followers. In authentic leadership, leaders and followers share their stories and feeling so that they can understand each other. Followers are aligned to find their interested by the leader so that the leader can guide them to become their own authentic leader. The goal of authentic leadership is to help the leader do the right things so leader’s authenticity will grow greater and everyone can become an authentic leader. For example, instructor Farzane is an authentic leader who shares stories and feelings with her followers, understands the follower and embrace individual interest to guide followers to become their own authentic

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