The Writing Of A Writing Essay

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Writing has always been something I have gotten enjoyment from; sentence structure and grammar being a particular interest of mine. In school, I was quick to catch mistakes in writings and was often praised for my ability to string stories together. Closely observing the techniques and styles of authors I admired, I’ve considered myself to be more of an effective emulator of writing than a true writer. Personally, writing has always been a vehicle for artistic expression, meaning I usually made a habit of avoiding most non-fictional assignments in school. It wasn’t until much later that I learned to use it as an educational and professional tool.
Throughout childhood, I was constantly drafting up poems and short stories. Not solely for school, but as entertainment as well. My family would often find me at the computer, spending hours writing out the latest and greatest story I had epiphanized; convinced that I would, one day, pen a novel as captivating as Harry Potter or A Series of Unfortunate Events. I was so enamored by writing that my grandparents would dig out their ancient typewriter from the attic when I would come to visit, a relic of writing’s past which I had always been fascinated by. As I came of age, I kept an increasingly keen eye on grammar, punctuation, and homonyms; always finding a misplaced ‘there,’ or ‘your.’ As cellphones and text messaging came into prominence, I would text in complete sentences, and was sure to never miss a comma or an…

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