The Value Of Achieving A Bachelor 's Degree From A 4 Year Collegiate Institution

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The value of achieving a bachelor 's degree from a 4-year collegiate institution is unparalleled in today 's society. Obtaining such a degree does not just illustrate a person 's intellectual capacity, but more significantly, it shows that they have learned to utilize a successful work ethic. Almost all professional employers in today 's job market have come to expect nothing less from students seeking employment. Accordingly, the level of education completed has a direct impact on the level of income college graduates can anticipate to make throughout their careers. Undoubtedly, this has resulted in creation of the ever-growing cultural void between social classes, which is slowly crippling the educational capacity of our nation. Evidence exists that high school 's in low-income areas lack the ability to prepare all students for the four-year college experience. Also, those that are prepared can rarely afford to pay for the ever rising cost of tuition without the help of financial aid, and instead settle for a measly 2-year associate 's degree from trending community colleges. For an overwhelming number of low-income students, a bachelor 's degree has become nearly impossible to acquire.

Almost all students from a lower-class background who aspire to become college graduates rely heavily on their high schools for assistance during the college admission process. High schools can help to facilitate college-bound students as they wade through the college admissions…

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