A Career In My Pre-Nursing Career

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For this research paper I will be writing about my major, which is pre-nursing. Pre nursing is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while and is something that I’m really passionate about because I have always found it intriguing and interesting since I was young. It turned into a passion when I was in high school because that was when I really started to think of a serious career path. In high school taking a class in Anatomy and Physiology validated that choosing nursing as a career was the right choice. When I was younger, I remember watching medical shows on the Discovery Life Channel and being really interested in how the human body worked, for example how a person can get a heart attack and the processes the body goes through during …show more content…
The articles that came up were not really scholarly and some were opinion based. However, after getting a general idea of different types of nursing jobs and programs, there are it allowed me to find more reliable scholarly articles. I used google scholar and medical based articles and research. At first when I started my research I wanted to focus on emergency nursing because that was what I was going to choose a career path, but later stumbled upon nurse midwife which sparked more interest. Going into the research paper I thought I knew what specific nursing job I wanted, but discovered it might not be the best fit for me. After having spoken to another student who was also majoring in pre nursing, she gave me ideas to do extensive researching not only looking at the school requirements, but also key skills, work environment, and that is workload required. The articles I mostly used were from google scholar, SFSU Leonard library, study.com, The Journal of the American Medical Association, and National Student Nurses Association. These sources are credible because they have different studies to back up the results of their research. The National Student Nurses Association can be considered a blog as it does have some personal accounts in the article, but sticks mostly to the logistical and fact based results of the nursing program. Nursing students have to stay about two years in school. First they get their diploma, associate's degree, and then bachelor's degree, and can go as far as getting a doctorate which is the highest achievement in nursing. Nursing is a competitive major, so it requires time and dedication. There is a multitude of requirements in this field, which can sometimes be problematic for nursing student who are pursuing admissions to a nursing program. A nursing student is not only required to excel academically, but also in hands on experience.

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