The United States Is Abusing Human Rights Essay example

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The information office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) wrote an article on “The United States Is Abusing Human Rights.” According to the article the U.S. is hypocritical about other countries abusing human rights, but they keep silent about their serious violation on human rights. The article provided mass amount of facts and statistics. However most of the information they provided in the article was outdated. The article is also very biased with all the facts and statistics they put in the article. Referring back to the article they provided information about gun usage. In 2005 over 50,000 suicides and homicides occurred in America. Politics were a game for rich people. One in eight Americans lived in poverty in 2003. After September 11th 2001 the National Security Agency started tapping in to people’s calls. After many years, we freed the slaves, although African Americans are still living lower standards. Years of fighting for woman’s right we still have gender discrimination. Wars after wars, local civilians were getting killed for no reason. Yet the United

States still judge other countries about abusing human rights, while they keep silent about their own violations. The article provided a massive amount of facts and statistics. The facts and statistics they provided are really powerful and are from creditable sources. The Information Office of the State Council of the PRC was created in 1954, including thirty-five members. All…

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