Police Brutality Paper

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In recent years, police have been doing things to make us question whether the police are really here to protect us, or just abuse their power. Many unexplainable shootings, beatings, life threatening chokings, and verbal abuse incidents have all been part of this problem. One big problem is most of the time when police brutality happens, it fails to get reported or is not noticed. Numerous facts and stories have been presented to society about police brutality. Even though police officers get training to teach them to overlook their personal biases, to use their power as law enforcers correctly, to stay away from physical abuse, sexual assault, mental health abuse, and to deal with those situations in the most calm and civil way possible, …show more content…
The most common ones are racial profiling, physical abuse, sexual assault, and mental health abuse (What is Police Brutality 2015). If a police officer was to come upon any of these situations they are suppose to act accordingly and respond in the most calm and civil way possible (Police Brutality Statistics 2015). However, this has not been happening. As a result of the police not abiding by the rules many young African Americans have lost their lives or were severely injured. Despite training provided to the police, it is very common that officers abuse their power or act on unjust assumptions and are not appropriately held accountable for their actions during the aftermath (Political Lies About Police Brutality 2015). Even though there has been many police officers tried in court, not one officer has been convicted of manslaughter on murder this year (Logan 2015). As law enforcers, police officers are here to serve and protect the public. However, African Americans are afraid of the police. They are afraid the police are here to hurt them and not help them. A lot of people avoid the police because they do not want to deal with any type of confrontation with them and are in fear of losing their

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