Police Should Be Retrained In The Use Of Force

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It is breathtaking that every seven hours, another American is the victim of police brutality, with 329 this year already. (CopCrisis) Police brutality remains a major issue facing the United States today. There have been a number of issues regarding police using excessive force that have captured the media’s attention. For example, two years ago, a suspect, who police claim was resisting arrest, was beaten by six NYPD officers. Eric Garner was even placed in a chokehold, leading to his death. Police use force to subdue suspects everyday, yet there are moments where the police excessively use unnecessary force. Most law enforcement officials should be retrained in the usage of force because it would allow them to gain more tactics, devise a clear exemplar in the use of force, as well as eliminate excessive force.
Our law
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[There are] “no universal set of rules [that] govern when officers should use force and how much…” (NIJ) When there is no procedure to follow, there’s no possibility of breaking protocol or being reported. Officers are thus able to abuse their positions without any consequences. In addition, police officers hold loyalty to their partners, and the rest of their brothers, who would not betray one another. One may wonder how close a potential threat can get to an officer before he’s authorized to use force. After being posed the question: “How close can somebody get to me before I’m justified in using deadly force,” Dennis Tueller, a police academy instructor conducted further investigation. Following up, he concluded that, for the most part, an officer is obligated to fire his weapon if the suspect were at least 21 feet away.” This rule has since then been postulated by courts and taught in our police academies around the country. (Apuzzo, 1) Within twenty-one feet, an officer

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