The Theory Of The Indian Education System Essay

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In Indian education system, students have to study a specific set of subject even if they are not good at it or not interested in it. For instance me, I had to study a subject in which I wasn 't interested since I was a kid, which was computer science. I had to study this subject from grade 1st till grade 8th as a compulsory subject. Creating interest in computer science was just like an alarm bell rings. As I was at a critical stage (class11), with a heavy heart, I had to choose a course in which I wasn’t interested But my persistence helped me to tackle with it.

Since, I was in grade 1st till grade 8th my worsted dream was to study computer, moreover to give a test. I liked the practical classes,but when it comes to the theory I used to feel depressed as theory class used to be boring for me, but I didn’t have any choice. For my good overall grades I had to perform well in theory class as well. Even for my good grades my parent’s thought that I might need a home tutoring class by professional teacher . So, I started taking home tuition,but it wasn 't too effective. Every night before my exam, I used to feel low, so my parents used to encourage me by saying ‘be positive, everything will be fine and you will get good marks in computer ‘And with that some courage, I used to take the tests and luckily I used to pass with good marks. Finally, the day of my dreams came in grade 9th, I got an option to choose amongst computer or Hindi as an additional subject, and obviously I…

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