Computer Science Career Research Paper

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Computer science is an excellent career choice because it deals with one of the fastest growing fields, computers (Smith). This career is constantly evolving, which makes the workplace stimulating and challenging. Computer science is changing the world we inhabit by making many advancements in computing.
In the 1960s, computer science became an independent discipline; however, the study of the electronic computer was around prior to it (History). The development of Boolean algebra accelerated computer science. It allowed one to design a circuit with binary, or 1’s and 0’s (Computer Science). Computer scientists were then capable to instruct computers (Computer Science). The driving force behind computer science was the demand for computers
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Those who have an interest in the field should take classes dealing with computers, mathematics, science, and English (Computer Scientists). To obtain any position in the field, one must have, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field (Computer Scientists). This type of degree generally takes four years to achieve (Computer Scientists). However, if a person aspires to have a higher position, he will have to acquire a master’s degree or a PhD (Computer Scientists). These degrees take an additional two years or four years, respectively, to complete (Computer Scientists). A PhD in computer science is required if a person wishes to become a professor (Computer Scientists). A minor degree is not needed to acquire a job in computer science; however, it is important to find a field that he or she enjoys and apply computer science to it (Parvin). Often, that could mean acquiring a minor degree (Parvin). A student majoring in computer science can expect a workload of thirty to forty hours of homework each week (Smith). Those hours do not include the time spent in lectures …show more content…
A person needs to be quite a logical thinker (Computer Scientists). He must be able to solve problems, and he needs to be able to communicate his ideas in a verbal or written form (Computer Scientists). Computer scientists must also keep learning about new compilers and development environments such as the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studios (Parvin). He then needs to use them frequently and become familiar with them (Parvin). It is important for a computer scientist to be creative if he wishes to solve problems and develop new technologies (Streubel). One must have a great attention to detail to be a distinguished computer scientist

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