Choices In There Will Come Soft Rains, And The Elephant

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The first day of English 101 I was unsure what to expect. As a running start student, college was foreign and daunting. Over the quarter, this definitely changed as I became more comfortable with the college environment and assignments. My worries for this class quickly dissipated over the first week or so once I knew it wasn’t that drastic a change. After receiving the assignment calendar, I felt ready for the classwork. I was equipped with the readings and usually completed my work before the due date. I didn’t do the best on the quizzes, which was a shame because I thoroughly read all the assigned reading; my average in the quiz section of the class is only 84.67%. I participated in the discussions consistently. I did all the discussion …show more content…
These impacted me by making me think about my choices and their longevity. “There Will Come Soft Rains” resonated with me because technology is constantly improving and making parts of our lives easier and more mechanical. Bradbury’s vision of technology is very interesting. “The Elephant,” intrigued me because it is an ironic tale, as well as a double-edged sword. I disagree with zoos, so having a fake animal seems like an ethical way to learn about them, but simultaneously unethical because the zoo owner is lying about the authenticity of his animals and giving the children an unrealistic experience. These texts didn’t assist with my essays because they are narrative and fictitious, and these were not the genres of the assignments I completed; but they did help me understand literary elements and analyzing texts. These essays both dealt with animals’ relationship with humans, one with the absence of humans and one with the absence of

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