How To Write An Essay About An Experience When I Move To America

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A journey of new opportunities, possibilities, and challenges begins when one moves to the United States. Everyone has to face lots of difficulties while finding new opportunities and success. I was 21-year-old when we moved here from India. The first challenge that I faced upon my arrival in America was the English language. Because English is not my first language. I still remember my first day of work at a convenience store. I was unable to understand the customers because of their American accent English. After a year I thought I improved my English skills, but when I took my Accuplacer test for college, and I realized that I was nowhere near perfection. I was ready to worked hard so I can learn and improve my English skills. It’s a journey …show more content…
Professors in India were intelligent, but they always expected their students to know the work before they taught the material. American education on the other hand is quite flexible because the teachers take their time by making sure the students fully understand the material. American colleges are not as difficult because students are actually learning rather than memorizing. These differences are based on my personal experience of the Indian education and American education and that is one of the main reasons that I am struggling so much in my reading and writing. I want to go to college because college secures your future. I heard that study system is really good in the United States. I started talking with people because I had no idea where to go and what to do. First, I decided to apply to IUPUI, but they said I was not eligible to study there because my Indian study did not match their requirements. After being rejected from IUPUI I applied to ivy tech. Fortunately, I found out about the Accuplacer, and I started preparing myself for it. I studied a lot from the internet and other resources wherever I could, but there was a big difference in learning from internet and learning in the classroom. I tried to do my

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