The Theory Of Human Resources And Personal Management Essay

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A definition of unitarism, mentioned in the Dictionary of Human Resources and Personal Management states that it is: ‘the belief that the management and workforce are working together for the good of the company’ (Ivanovic and Collin, 2006, p.267), whereas pluralism is mentioned to be: ‘the belief that the way to achieve good industrial relations is to acknowledge that various groups of employees have different requirements and make different demands, and that compromises have to be reached’ (Ivanovic and Collin, 2006, p.201).
This essay compares and contrasts unitarist perspectives and pluralist perspectives. To do so, unitarism, pluralism and the employment relationship will be defined in more detail. This will be done by focusing on different features such as: the employee relations, the role of the management, who holds the power and why and finally if conflict exists in either one of them. Organisational Examples will be used to support the given information to understand the employment relationship in both unitarism and pluralism.

Main Body

Employment relationship

Employment relationship may be defined in many ways. A long known definition is provided by Gospel and Palmer (1993, p.3), who define the employment relationship as ‘an economic social and political relationship in which employees provide manual and mental labour in exchange for rewards allotted by employers’. There are certain characteristics that make the employment relationship to what it is said and…

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