The Super Bowl Commercials Essay

719 Words Feb 8th, 2016 3 Pages
This year the the super bowl commercials I thought were very unique and different than previous years. For example, in the past years most commercials were very American oriented with a lot of classic american images being broadcasted. This year commercials ranged from being very American to unique and different. In a very broad sense, the target audience was 25-35 year old men and families throughout America. The commercials were a lot for beer, insurance, skittles and food/drinks which are all messages for a that specific group of people watching the superbowl. Taking a step back from these commercials we can see that these commercials represent the cultural norm and values that the united states have. For example, these commercials paint a picture of the values of drinking beer, and eating all types of foods while keeping in mind you should probably start saving for retirement. The norms is to drink beer and watch football with your family while keeping in mind that there is domestic abuse. This year the commercials were very cultural, class and race open compared to other years. I think that this has to do with where the super bowl was played (SF). San Francisco being one of the most open and accepting cities in the united states, the commercials had to follow this open mindedness. The commercials paint a picture that anyone can consume these products and that if you do buy these products you will be considered “cool” and “accepted”. Lastly the commercials seem to be…

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