The Subsidy Of Drunk Driving In 1984 By George Orwell

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Drunk Driving In Michigan alone this year we have had 4,633 alcohol crash related injurie’s. There has been 8,892 alcohol related crashes, and 26,845 DUI arrests according to taxpayer’s subsidy of drunk driving fatalities this year has been posted at 1.3 billion dollars. And that is only Michigan alone. We still have 49 other states and half of the world. So I believe that drunk drivers should be imprisoned after their first offense. On March 16, 2009 Frances Dingle a 47-year-old female from Mount Clemens, was in a drunk driving accident. She killed four teenagers from St. Clair Shores. The teens were on their way to pick up pizza when they were at a stop light and struck by Frances’s car. Frances’s blood alcohol level after the crash was at 0.16 percent which is twice the state’s legal limit. Frances pleaded guilty to second- degree murder and four counts of drunk driving causing death. And was sentenced to 22 ½ to 25 years in prison. There are many organizations out there to prevent …show more content…
One method he uses frequently is double think. Double think is the act of taking two opposite things and believing them to be true. For example, love is hate, and war is peace, are two used in the book. This relates to a first offender drinking and driving law because the offender often uses double think to think that driving after the bar is ok to do. They often think to themselves "I should not drive, I am ok to drive." This relates to the law because a main cause of drunk driving accidents is because the offender thinks they are ok to drive even though they know it is wrong or they truly believe they are capable of driving. This is why we should have kiosk on the streets so pedestrians are aware that they are above intoxication levels and they get a free Uber ride, so they do not think they only have one option (driving their car) after spending all their money at the

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