Abuse Of Power In 1984 By George Orwell

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Power is demanded by everyone, this idea allowed individuals the ability to control and brainwash the minds of masses. In George Orwell 's classic novel 1984, Big Brother and his party were dominant figures. They had the ultimate power to run the city of Oceania, and with this power they had the ability to control the society. The power Big Brother withheld helped them keep the citizens in Oceania on their toes. They controlled the society by establishing fear amongst the people in Oceania, they controlled the language and communication and they controlled reality amongst the lives of the citizens in Oceania.
Fear was the reason individuals did not live their lives. Fear held people back, it pulled an individual downwards. Fear was one of
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Big Brother was so powerful he had the ability to change the language in Oceania. He created Newspeak, a new language where "every concept.. [would] be expressed by exactly one word" (Orwell 55). Newspeak was the destruction of words. Big Brother did not want the society to be able to think " ..The whole aim of Newspeak [was] to narrow the range of thought" (Orwell 55) Big Brother thought if he could control the language in the society he would be able to manipulate and distract the population from thinking and rebelling against him. His idea of altering the old English was to manipulate and control the minds of Oceania. Language was very important in expressing ones idea with each other and to the world and by controlling the amount of words one can use limited the idea for the people in Oceania to think or to be intelligent and this how Big brother controlled the society. Big brother and the party continued to control the language in Oceania by destroying old English words. Big brother created Newspeak to limit thought, his ultimate goal was to distract the citizens from questioning his …show more content…
Big Brother knew that if all the classics in the past were altered, it would be easier for him to control the society and to keep them from rebelling. The altering of the English language allowed Big brother to control the ways the population thought. If old classics had lessons which went against Big brother or the party 's ideas or principles they would change it, because they did not want the citizens of Oceania to read old literature that taught to rebel or think. They wanted the population to be under their control therefore, all literatures from the past was eliminated such as "Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Byron - they’ll only exist in Newspeak version, not changed into something different but actually changed into something contradictory of what they used to be" ( Orwell 56). The party changed old classics to prevent citizens from rebelling or questing the party 's authorities, this way the population was kept away from all ideas that portrayed against Big brothers ideas and principles. This was Big Brothers had ultimate power from preventing the citizens of Oceania from committing thought crime, prevent them from the thought of right and wrong, preventing them from

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