The Short Term Consequences Were Unheard Essay example

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The short-term consequences were unheard because at the time all I saw was blood and anger, however I felt like my back was against the wall and I had to show my rage somehow and by going up to that woman in the parking lot I needed to step back and assess what I really would have done if it wasn’t for the tranquility from my friend and the police officers hotline. Overall there was a small window for my to react in and I had nothing besides revenge on my mind however I was proud that I didn’t do something stupid such as slashing their tires or keying the truck because that would have put me in a bad spot in the long term. Executive planning is always something that we take for granted and we don’t realize what a gift it is to have control over our impulses however when we lose that control we are no different than any other animal on this planet. Moments in which I felt as if the person doing something wrong was not punished fully is plenty but there are a few scenarios that stand out to me personally because in life you don’t have many chances to make a first impression and without an impression you fail to be remembered so when someone does something that is highly inappropriate the first time I encounter them it is harder for me to forget. For this segment, I strongly believe that some people will always be a bit different from societal norms because they are not raised the same however most people learn to adapt and do not say things that can end up hurting their…

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