Essay about The Salary Of A Registered Nurse

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When you were little did you ever dream about what you wanted to be when you grew up? I don’t know about you, but I did. My dream has always been to be a registered nurse. I started to live out that dream in my early teens, but I never finished it. Twenty years later, I am finishing that dream as a registered nurse. Being a nurse is not only my dream, but the financial aspect is greater when it is compared to the salary of a high school graduate. I will be explaining the differences between the salary of a high school student and the salary of a registered nurse. I will also show you a comparison between housing affordability and 401k investment. You will see the benefit of having a college degree and working in that career.
According to the BLS government website, the median annual salary for a registered nurse is $67,490 (Statistics). The annual income of a high school graduate is $25,000. A registered nurse makes $42,490 more annually. This is a 170% increase in the salary of a high school graduate versus a registered nurse. That is quite the difference. Another relative change between a high school graduate and a registered nurse is affordable housing. A high school graduate can afford a home worth $128,782.17. However, a registered nurse could afford a home worth $347,660.34. That is also an increase in relative change of 170%. To find these numbers I had to use the function =PV (B1/12, 12*30,-B6), in Excel. This is the Present Value function for the high school…

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