Essay on The Removal Of Sports Programs

886 Words Oct 6th, 2016 4 Pages
The removal of sports programs would be detrimental to the students it effects. Removing affects everyone, not just the students. Sports in high school teach important lessons to teenagers, to improve their growth. The life lessons that can’t be learned from a text books. Lessons that are taught from activity, and not sitting in a desk. Removing sports from high school would bring the schools success rate down unfathomably. The team building, the exercise, and competiveness bring life to many students, removing this could be very destructive. In a time of recession this is the area looked at to start cutting from, but a complete removal of sports removes more than playing a game. One reason removing sports from a high school is the morale of the school would be lost. A physical education is need in order to graduate high school, leaving P.E. the only option for students to do. Enabling the choice of what physical education a student can pick from improves a student’s wellbeing. It gives a life lesson of making a choice and not forcing the student to do one activity. A student playing a certain sport growing up would be crushed is they were unable to play the sport they loved at the high school they attended. Some people believe that students can join a club, but being able to represent the school they attend can give a stronger bond with teammates and other students. Games against other schools would not happen, and students not in that sport would not be able to attend.…

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