The Reflection Of Effective Communication Skills In Dentistry

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At the oral surgeons office that morning, they were preparing to remove all four of my third molars. I was fascinated at my surroundings as I had never been in this type of dental office before. The extractions went well and when I became aware of my surroundings again, I was home. After waking, I sat up on the sofa to eat some soup that my mother had made. When suddenly, I was on the carpet of the living room in our house. I had fainted. I was lying next to noodles from the soup on the floor. Despite calling the oral surgeon and our family physician, it was not known what had made me lose consciousness. To this day, I do not know what made me faint. What I do know is that after completely recuperating from the procedure, my jaw and teeth no longer hurt. The oral surgeon had alleviated my pain and by doing this, he had opened my eyes to the dental profession.
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At a dental outreach center, I would usher patients to treatment rooms and take their vitals. Through conversation, I learned a little about each patient and could see. Once there was a patient who had been having some serious pain in his upper incisors due to some infection, which had unfortunately caused the bone to move away from his teeth. The affected teeth were extracted and the next time I volunteered he was a patient that I escorted to a room. He remembered me, and simply from his demeanor, you could tell that he was feeling much better. After the exam, he told me that he hoped to see me next time he visited. This experience has always been special to me as the short relationship that I developed with this patient exemplifies a part of dentistry that I love. I love the patient interaction and the relationships that form from them as I help others in the community. This aligns with the foundational purposes of dentistry and is a significant reason why I want to be a

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