Why I Want To Be A Dental Hygienist Essay

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West Coast District Dental Association,
Why do I want to be a dental hygienist? I am completely committed to being in my dental hygiene program. The program that I am currently in only sparked my interest more in the subject of dental. I have always loved the idea of being a dentist when I was very young. Although I never had the financial means to put myself through dental school, I waited many years after high school to save enough money to put myself through dental hygiene school. Currently, I am satisfied with my decision to change from a general dentist to a dental hygienist. I have learned so much about oral care and hygiene and I am now aware that we are a big part in making a difference in our patients. A dental hygienist is able to sit and talk more with the patient and build trust and a relationship. From there many patients are influenced by us as they learn how their oral cavity and the rest of their body can be linked and negatively affected if proper care is not taken. The career has many different
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I believe that giving back to the community is very important for everyone. I feel that there is much need for community involvement for a dental hygienist because there is so much that you can give people out there that really need the help. I plan on helping the community more than I am required to in many ways. My plan is to start off in a general office to get my foot in the door and get some experience in the field. Simultaneously, I plan on volunteering at the Salvation Army often helping the dentist there extracting teeth. For the less wealthy, it is important that they are getting teeth removed that are infected and have a better chance for their overall health. In time I would love to work internationally in less fortunate countries that have a high need for dental care. I feel that with the finical help that I have received, it is only right to give back in every way that I

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