Dental Hygienist: A Career As A Dentist

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To become a dentist you are stuck with many choices in which to pick from and do. One of the most common is dental hygienist. Their job duties center around cleaning patients' teeth and giving instruction in proper dental hygiene. They can't make major decisions because they are under a licensed dentist.

A dental hygienist needs at least an associate's degree to work in that career. An associate’s degree only takes two years. A dental hygienist need to have the the basic understanding of biology and chemistry, as well as math and english. They can attend accredited programs at community colleges, vocational schools and universities. Dental hygienist programs range from certificates to associate, bachelor's and master's degree, but the most common degree in dental hygiene programs is the associate degree(“Registered”). The skills needed in this career are compassion, and eye for detail, and interpersonal skill, which means you will be talking and listening with patients, giving them instructions on tooth and gum health, cleaning instructions and diagnosing issues. Good listening and speaking skills are needed. Some colleges have a
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Recently the income of increased and an average job growth of 19% from 2014-2024 (“Registered”). We need dental hygienist because they are our friends and care about our teeth. They make sure that our teeth are strong and healthy, which makes their job important for each clinic. Their job has increased since 2014. The average dental hygienist around $33 an hour while the top dental hygienist make around $97,390, and the bottom 10 percent earn around $49,190. The outlook of this job is 19% which is faster than average. It's faster than most average on other jobs, this is because new generations care about their teeth than before, more cosmetic whitening have become popular and so have health care been more affordable for people to visit the dentist more

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