Essay about The Quality And Development Of Employees

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A major factor in the success of any business is the quality and development of its employees. Companies should have a well-conceived training program and managers with the time and specialized skills needed for employee training and development. Managers and supervisors are responsible for the orientation and training for new hires. In addition, on-going training for current employees increases productivity, reduces employee turnover and provides employees with a sense of self-worth and well-being. Along with training, the responsibility for motivation of employees also rests with managers and supervisors, who must maintain a productive workplace where employees derive satisfaction from their jobs.
U.S. Bank (2009) cites research from the Center for Creative Leadership which shows that employees learn from education, from others and from job based activities (See Appendix A). Learning through education includes continuing education, reading and research; learning from others involves team projects, shadowing and coaching; learning from job based activities could be from challenging assignments and job rotation. Investing in the continued professional development of staff is beneficial, for both employee morale and for the company’s bottom line. Skilled Up, an online education resource, explains how different types of training lead to positive outcomes, such as: (1) Product knowledge training leads to increased revenue; (2) Service training can provide better customer…

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