The Psychological Contract : Violations And Modifications Essay

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Another type of contract violation that was explained in “The Psychological Contract: Violations and Modifications” is breach of contract. This means that one party is fully able to work in agreement to the arrangements but unwilling to do so. Another group member showed this type of behavior. Throughout the semester this group member did not attend a single group meeting, respond to emails, or attend the event we planned as the main part of our project. In the beginning of the semester all other group members kept reminding him during every class and through email about what had to be done, but his behavior towards the group did not improve, which led the rest of the group to stop putting in the effort to include him. This was an issue that unfortunately was not solved.
Because of the way this student distanced himself from the rest of the group, I did not get to know this group member very well. Therefore I cannot with certainty be sure of what exactly brought out this behavior. However, the lack of motivation can be explained in numerous ways.
First off, I believe that this group member did not have the same preferred outcome from the projects as the rest of us. From my own experiences and goals, I know that I always try to do my best in school as well as outside of school, and I am also used to getting positive feedback and reaching my high goals. Therefore my motivation is high and I am likely to put a lot of efforts into schoolwork. My group member on the…

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