Community Policing Reflection

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As the semester 's end approaches, I can 't help but look back and appreciate all that I 've learned. Community Policing is a class that has provided me with a lot of information, and insight into the profession and duties of a police officer. For one, I have learned that a police officer 's involvement with his or her community is essential. Simultaneously, having good relationships with those around one is crucial, as well as having a healthy bond and relationship with one 's group members is critical. Community policing has also made me appreciate criminal justice professions, especially that of a police officer. I have wished to become a police officer for many years now and been in the class has made me realize that I couldn 't have decided …show more content…
The District Attorney also gave a presentation in regards to the tasks she handled. Among all of the presentation, the ones mentioned above were some that stood out to me the most. Overall the presentations given provided a great deal of information concerning the amount of education and training required to have a criminal justice related job.
During the semester I had the opportunity to go to the Turlock Police Department Open House, and was able to partake in a tour of the police department. The tour included passage through the records room, where the tour guide gave a brief explanation of the importance of keeping records and the proper way to find them as well as how to properly manage them. Next, the tour continued with entry into the evidence room along with a detailed description of the proper handling of evidence. Also included in the tour was an exhibition of the department 's jails; we even had a chance to go into a cell and experience the feeling of being confined for a short amount of time. A piece of information that really struck me was the fact that if an individual wishes to use the restroom, he is free to do
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I was able to learn that when working in a group project a good bond and health relationship is essential in order to make things work. Another is that while working on the S.A.R.A and C.P.T.E.D projects, group participation and collaboration made things more easier. For instance, when one of the group members had an idea and shared it with the group the group took that idea into consideration in order to make the idea better. Another thing that I learned was that when working with others one must carry one’s weight and share one’s ideas no matter how dumb they may seem. Further I was able to understand that being a police officer is not just about stopping a crime, it is also about figuring out a way to find a permanent solution for such problems. In the long run, I can use all of the information I gained from the class and use in the future once I become an officer. I can use such information to become both a better person and officer. Overall the class allowed me to realize that I made the right choice when selecting becoming a police officer as my

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