Reflective Essay: The Power Of Collaboration In School

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The Power of Collaboration “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is process, but working together is success” (Henry Ford, Brainy Quotes). Throughout the first couple weeks of college, I expected to figure out everything out on my own without help from anyone else. However as it may be the case in some circumstances, I can surely tell you that classes like English 100Y definitely does not hinder the concept of teamwork or collaboration. Throughout the semester we have been exposed to a variety of group based activities and challenges. These collaborative assignments help benefit the students with the capability to attack challenges in the future whether it be in another class or life itself. I find the power of collaboration to be the most important lesson taught this semester because of the ability of working and learning from others in order to succeed. Although there were many lessons taught in this semester, the power of collaboration came across as one of the most beneficial. It was clear at the start of the semester that collaboration was going to be a large …show more content…
I believe that collaboration or teamwork is essential for a student to have because of of how beneficial it is now and the future to come. It helps build an individual 's social skills and improve interactions with other people. Collaboration is a great opportunity for the person to express and share their ideas with others and possibly learn from each other. However, some feel that it is tough working with others , but the only way to overcome this is by actually participating in collaborative assignments.. Lastly, working with others can be a learning experience for everyone in the group since different positions and ideas are being shared. The power of collaboration is essential to have because of all the benefits and skills a person can gain from

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