Goal Setting Case Study

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To apply the principles of goal setting in this case we need to look at the S.M.A.R.T acronym. First is the goal Specific? The goal is to realign the work and responsibilities of the HIS Department. With work responsibilities changing and becoming more involved something needed to be done to improve the moral, productivity and workflow of the department. Measurable, to measure the progress of the goal measurable indicators will need to be utilized. This can be done my looking at the number of errors, day taken off work and over all team spirit. Is this goal Attainable? With markers in place and dedication to the goals by management and employees this goal is attainable. Without regular monitoring events that may lead to the failure of the …show more content…
Noticing an increase in careless errors, decrease performance and motivation, changes in work habits and absenteeism brought the need to the attention of management. With added roles and responsibilities, it became important for a change to happen to reduce turn over in an already struggling department. Some changes made were adding variety to decrease specialization, redistributing task so work isn 't serial, giving workers control to schedule task. They applied the principles to make the work less repetitive and more challenging. Other steps taken were job enrichment, decrease routing task, increase feedback, and job rotation. Job rotation can be an important step to avoid monotony of the job and allow the worker to learn new skills and responsibilities. If management can redistribute the work load the workers will not feel overloaded with a work load, they feel they can 't accomplish. Job enrichment was the focus of this case in order to motivate employees that were struggling to maintain in an ever changing and increasing work environment. Elements in this enrichment process looked at areas of boredom, careless errors, low moral, lack of team spirit, and absenteeism. Job rotation became a …show more content…
With staff being trained in other skills all the work will not have to be done by only the ones whom originally knew how to do it. Another impact of job enrichment in the HIS Department will felt by other departments by the HIS Department being able to turn around work request quicker and be able to fix problems now that they will have time to do more task. The impact on motivation will be shown through the employees by an increase in moral, if employees feel someone cares about them and helping them out the work production will increase as well as the quality of work improve. The need for being absent just to feel you get a break will decrease. Stress on the job can lead to illness and absences. Turnover rates should also decrease, employees that are happy in their jobs will be less likely to look for another job verses employees who are dissatisfied. With a team work approach in the department communication will improve, when multiple people are working on a project they will have to communicate with each other and work together on ideas and work out differences. With a distribution of responsibilities within the HIS Department the ability to communicate to other departments about problems, concerns, or information will improve. The overall impact of job enrichment

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