The Police And Human Rights Essay

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Every country has a police force to enforce its laws and ensure that the public peace is kept overall. In a democratic system of government, the police role is to keep public order without violating a citizen’s civil or human rights. The idea that in a democratic country the police do uphold civil liberties and do not violate human rights is not necessarily correct.
Citizens have never a reason to doubt the police force, because their mutual respect for the badge and the officer, when you see the police at once your response is one of admiration and respect. Should an incident occur, while they have stepped outside the boundaries of their uniform the blue wall of silence protects them. This unwritten code can a rule among police officers not to report on another officer’s error, misconducts, and or crimes when questioned about an incident of misconduct involving another colleague, during a course of an inquiry.
In this 21century the police have become the aggressors and not the protectors, they shoot first and ask questions later this is most relevant in the African American community where recent tragedies involving police officers killing, beating and assaults on unarmed African Americans’ have attracted a great deal of public attention – both to the events themselves and to what many perceive as an epidemic of police brutality. It seems to sweep over the United States and there is an opinion that police brutality aimed primarily at people of color. Portions of the…

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