Essay about The Philosophy Of The School Room

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“The Philosophy of the school room in one generation….. will be the Philosophy of the Government in the next.”, Abraham Lincoln once said. The education system we have now is only getting worse. Students should go to school to succeed in life; we are failing at it. There are many schools founded on the beliefs of the Christian religion. In the year 1802, Thomas Jefferson, acting as the President, required schools to use the Bible and the Watts Hymnal in their classrooms (An Outline History). Although many people say God should not be allowed in school, there are reasons why people should be allowed to worship God during school hours. When the Mayflower Compact was made it said “Having undertaken for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith….. furtherance of the ends aforesaid.” (An Outline History). The Pilgrims came over to America to get away from the persecution of King James. The Pilgrims were teaching their children the Bible and the Christian faith. So from the 1620’s we have been teaching children the Christian religion. Why is the government saying that worshiping God in school is not allowed; any God for that matter? When the Pilgrims came over to America they founded the nation on the Christian religion. So in turn the schools were formed from the Christian belief and taught the generations coming up about its importance. John Harvard is the reason the Harvard College was founded. When he died he gave half his estate and books to the school,…

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