The Philosophy Of My Band Director Essay

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The Philosophy of My Band Director

When thinking about my band director in high school, I see her as an interventionist in Wolfgang and Glickman’s classroom management philosophy. Since my junior year of high school, I have observed my band director in her middle school band classes. Because her ensemble numbers have been growing rapidly, she has turned into an interventionist. She does not give the students much free time because they have the opportunity to get very loud and out of control. Her 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade band classes all consist of more than 60 students and just one teacher. In this situation, I think that it is good that she is an interventionist, because if she were a noninterventionist and gave the students more power, then I think her classroom would be more likely to get out of control, and it would be harder for her to gain the students attention back. In French and Raven’s model, I see my band director as having referent power. When a teacher has referent power, then the students identify with the teacher. In and out of the band classroom, I can always see that my band director is expressing care and concern about her students. She never seems to leave the students hanging in the dark, and is always willing to help them, even if it is with something that is not related to band. In Skinner and Rodgers behaviorist-humanist framework, I see my director as a behaviorist. In Skinner’s behaviorism model, he says that it is possible to quickly change…

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