Essay on The People That Have Shaped Trevor Olson 's Life

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The People that have Shaped Trevor Olson’s, Life
Trevor Olson Since I could not come up with a topic for my “example essay”, Mrs. Gast assigned one for me to do. “Who in my life has shaped me into the person I am today?” As I thought about this topic I thought, “Hmm obviously my parent and family, coaches, teachers, activities/sports etc have shaped me,” but, for some reason I couldn’t put into words how they’ve shaped me. So, I chose one thing about me that people in my life have shaped, and that’s my misophonia or selective sound sensitivity syndrome. My parents and brother are the reason that I have acquired misophonia, and from time to time I resent them for that. I think my brother almost enjoys getting me going by making all of the noises I can’t stand. For example he enjoys blowing as loud as he can on hot food and it absolutely drives me nuts. I actually came up with a nickname for Matt, it’s “Windtunnel.” When he is blowing on his food I tend to say sarcastic things like, “Can you blow any harder there, Windtunnel?”, and even though I never really want an answer or reaction, he usually does infact blow harder, and yes it does anger me even more. I have been known to get up and leave the supper table after one of these episodes. If there was one food I would take off the Earth it would be chips. It’s not that I don’t like chips or something, but the continuous crunching is known to drive me insane. My brother will sit down with a bag of chips, and once I notice I…

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