The Most Inspirational Person I Know Essay

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The Most Inspirational Person I Know Being in an unfair world has shown me, that life mishaps should not stop you from achieving your goals. Most people convert it’s hinders into motivation for their next adventure, while others let it permanently stop them. Those who look at those mistreatments as success usually have someone in their life that overcame life barriers. Everyone has a different experience or person in their life that makes them either better or the same. In my case I have a person, who made me aware of Life 's endurances and how to triumph over them. My inspiration comes from someone in my family. The most inspirational person I know is my sister Keona Julien because she inspires me to look at life hinders as building blocks to my goals instead of obstacles when I’m faced with adversity.
One instance when my sister was inspirational occurred when she was the first girl to graduate on my mother 's side. My Sister already had her mind set to be a lion at Southeastern University. She got accepted and began her journey as a major in Family and Consumer Science. Like most students, she began to fail chemistry, but she did not let that stop her. She decided to get a tutor and she talked to the teacher in order to bring her grade up, since no one in the family could help her. Sometimes she would even go to YouTube and watch "Chemistry 101" until she got it. After, talking to her teacher and learning on her own, she began to pick up her grade while my…

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