Domestic Violence In Developing Countries

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Have you ever wondered about how domestic violence affects others? Domestic Violence in developing countries is a major concern in today 's society. Domestic violence is the act of a male or female abusing an individual in a household behind closed doors. Statistics show many women are affected by domestic violence. Domestic violence is not always considered to be physical. Not only does domestic violence affect a person physically, it can also affect them mentally. There are several misconceptions about domestic violence and how many people are actually affected by it.
Statistics prove that domestic violence is considered to be a severe problem in developing countries. Nearly 48% of women in Zambia, 44% in Columbia, and 18% in Cambodia have
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It not only affects the person being abused but the whole household. More people need to be made aware of the signs of domestic violence and what can be done to stop it. Women should not live in fear of their husbands. Physical nor mental abuse should be tolerated. Developing countries need to meet the issue of domestic violence head on and aggressively. One way to help battle the issue of domestic violence is knowledge about domestic violence and how to stop it. Most women in developing countries believe that domestic violence is just a way of life. They are not educated on what is acceptable treatment in a marriage, so the continue to allow the abuse to happen. If these developing countries came up with a plan of action to help fight domestic violence, and safe houses to house women affected by abuse, more lives could be saved and the uprising trend of domestic violence could be slowed down. Domestic violence is physically, mentally, and sexualy abusive. It causes psychological damage as well as physical damage. From open wounds, broken bones, concussions, HIV, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases domestic violence knows no limits. Domestic violence cannot be summarized by just a few categories, such as physical, verbal, and sexual. Domestic violence is vast and ever growing and changing. Anytime a person submits to another person’s will, for fear of repercussions, it is considered domestic violence. Domestic violence is very common in developing countries and will only continue to get worse, unless there are steps taken to put an end to

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