The Mental Health Field Of Human Services Essay

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To be honest, I might have either added or changed my field of passion from this human services program. Originally, I wanted to get into the mental health field of human services/social work and possibly work in a hospital to care the patients. Instead, I might deal more with children (ages 16 years old and below) as examples from my experiences from my last two internships. As for how I got to this current position, it was from selecting internships between semesters. When ever a clinic I wanted to internship, I had to resort to my backup locations when ever a clinic is not looking or interested in an intern or got no response from them at all. At first, I thought it as both a temporary semester with kids and to learn from a new population. In the end, it was more of actually wanting to volunteer these locations after finishing the term of internship. In honesty, I never wanted to nor think I would work involving children or young adults. I felt that a few issues were the reasons for this previous preference. The first was because I 'm a man. When people thing of people taking care of children, they normally don 't think a man doing that position. For most people, they would view this person as someone not to be trustful (ie. Abuser or Pedophile) and the reasons I didn 't want to be accidentally be labeled as one. Second reason was that I grew tired of kids previously. This was in part of help taking care of my older sister 's kids since I was 9 years old. The third and…

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