Essay about The Man Of My Dreams

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When I first met Alex, he was the man of my dreams. It seems too good to be true. He was funny, smart, kind and charming and best of all he was crazy about me. Since high school, we were so great together. We were high school sweethearts. We were married right after college like any newlywed couples were madly in love with each other. Alex was an associate at his father’s law firm and I was a nurse at Greys-Sloan Memorial Hospital. My hours were flexible but Alex worked long hours trying to make partner before he was 35. I was his beautiful, thin young trophy wife.
I can’t say exactly when things started to change. I think it was when he suggested for me to quit my job. I recall him saying “honey I make more than enough to take care both us, you do not need to work.” I told him that I love working and he said okay and dismissed the conversation. As the year ended, Alex worked really long hours trying to make partner. He worked long hours, so I took up more hours at work too.
In March, Alex lost an account that his father blamed him for. He was so upset that day, I told him that it was not the end of the world he replied “yes it is! Trying to calm him down he slapped me across the face and it was the start of my nightmare. I was in shock, my face was red by the time Alex had to realize what he had done. He was comforting me telling me “I am so sorry baby, I didn’t mean to that, it was just stress.” A few months later we went to a holiday firm party, and I had this…

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