The Locker Room At The Tennis Academy Essay

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Infinite Jest page 100-200 starts out with Hal Incandenza and his friends in the locker room at the tennis academy. They talk about miscellaneous topics, but most is just usual stuff that teenage boys talk about. Although, one theme that I find in their conversations is unhappiness. Most of the boys seem exhausted, worn out, and just sick of being there. They go to the cartridge viewer room and start to question why they are even there, because the players on the viewers do not look too happy either. I think that this depression has a lot to do with why Hal likes to get high, even though he says he is “addicted to the secrecy of it,” and while that may be true, I feel like subconsciously he knows that it is because he is unhappy at the academy. Also, another thing I noticed while reading about the boys being in the cartridge viewer room, the soundtrack to what they were watching kept saying over and over, “Don’t Think Just See Don’t Know Just Flow.” I think this is foreshadowing how much the cartridges affect peoples’ mind later on in the story, and how they want people to view the cartridges to not think for their selves. Later on in pages 100-200, it goes back to Marathe and Steeply having a conversation above the city of Tucson, Arizona. They are having a conversation about the O.N.A.N, and one quote from Marathe that I found very profound in their conversation was on page 107, where he says, “Die for one person? This is craziness. Persons change, leave, die, become…

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